E11 blaster “M19 Tank Telescope 1942 Scope Replica KIT With Full Light Port


E11 blaster and DL44  “M38 Tank Telescope 1942 Scope Replica KIT


Reproduced from my collection original 1942 Sherman M19 telescopes. This auction is for the replica kit not the original (sorry I have to keep the real ones lol). It has been placed in the pic for comparison only and is not for sale. This aluminum,brass ,casting replica must be assembled, painted and weathered to look screen accurate. You can make it as detailed as you want. Perfect for your e11 blaster build.  This scope has a more realistic feel and weight than a plastic version. This scope is non functional with a poly-carbonate clear lens and the screen accurate cross-hairs .  It features threaded feet allow for the attachment to your blaster sight rail and hard to find cheese head screw for the for eyepiece. The front engraving is true to the original . This model scope can be painted as an accurate original reproduction or a screen accurate prop. This item sells as is.* You can finish your M38 scope however you would like but we have found that a combination of brass or bronze paint covered with black paint then rubbed to weather the scope looks very good. *From the original we have determined that the letters were filled in with some type of wax to make them visible. We have had good results with shoe polish, crayons, and paint. *** These finishing suggestion are merely that. You may find options that work better for you. *** This is the full uncut light port version !!!!!!!

FREE upgrade !This kit now has real lo-dome glass lens that replaced the polycarb and no additional charge….

This kit can be upgraded to a functional optics in the future!!That kit will be out later this year..

Bonus!!! I”m including my screen accurate m19 scope mounting screws for a limited time!!!
(a lot of builders haven’t noticed that the m19 screws are different thicknesses..)

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 1.25 × 1.25 in