E11 “M38 Tank Telescope 1942 Scope painted Replica for stormtrooper blaster


E11 “M38 Tank Telescope 1942 Scope Replica for stormtrooper blaster


Reproduced from my collection original 1942 Sherman M38 scopes. This auction is for the replica not the original (sorry I have to keep the real ones lol). It has been placed in the pic for comparison only and is not for sale. This aluminum replica has been assembled , painted and weathered to look screen accurate. Perfect for your e11 blaster build. This replica was built using the aluminum kit also available in my ebay store (also pictured above for reference and is not included in this auction) if you wish to assemble and detail your own. This scope has a more realistic feel and weight than a plastic version. This scope is non functional with a polycarbonate clear lens and the screen accurate crosshairs .  It features threaded feet allow for the attachment to your blaster sight rail . The front engraving is true to the original . This model scope can be repainted as an accurate original reproduction or a screen accurate prop. These fully painted versions are hand painted and weathered and may very slightly from the picture.

FREE upgrade !This kit now has real lo-dome glass lens that replaced the polycarb and no additional charge….

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1.5 × 1.25 in